Untitiled, A video and twenty sonic-keyfinders.


Loop, A infinite audio loop.

Cut-off blade looper

Cut-off blade looper, an installation
that emits a repetitive soundscape,
created at the same time as it gets destroyed.
The familiar appearance of the record player has been slightly altered.
Two cut-off blade knives have replaced the needle;
the knives, positioned at opposite sides of a record in
two different grooves, pick up and resonate distorted multilayered loops.


Bleep, In my hands I hold a smoke detector,
as I turn it on I start whistling at the same pitch as
the smoke detector in an attempt to nullify the
discomfortable sound emitted by the device.

Six Bells

Six bells interact with each other for a short while and silence (Seven variations),
The piece consists of six school bells scattered around the exhibition space.
Their original purpose has been altered so that instead of ringing constantly
they only strike individual tones. The timing and number of strokes is determined
by seven different variations that are programmed with a predetermined probability.
When a pin strikes a bell a sound is created that travels the space and lasts for
various amount of time. The bells affect each other in a subtle way and create
diverse sound forms and drawings in the space according to the variations played at each time.


Hringur, A one minute short film.

Young Seated White Porcelain Nude Female Figurine 736 42

Young Seated White Porcelain Nude Female Figurine 736 42,
A installation which includes a porcelain statue, a vinyl record,
stereo equipment, a pedestal and four speakers.
The porcelain statue creates a randomised soundscape determined
by its position on top of the spinning record. A mass produced object
with references to classical sculpturing gets a formal prestige
and becomes the centrepiece in a sincere and impassioned moment.
Simplicity and repetition are dominating forces that evoke ideas
of the eternity and its continuous cycle.


Innviði, A structure that absorbs sounds from its environment
and processes them. It engulfs soundscapes and
projects corresponding sine waves inward from ten surfaces.
I wonder about the possibilities of what takes place within it,
what can be heard but not seen. What is the impact of the dynamics
formed inwardly at the meeting point of the sound waves
discharged from variously powerful speakers?


Plan, A sound piece that does not emit sound in the usual sense.
It is a video that shows fine movements at different speeds of a certain geometric form.
The viewer has the chance to interpret the sensitive
and varying speeds of the piece as they appear to him visually.
The sound is then manifested in the mind of the viewer.


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